Studio Kumau - Making the invisible, visible.

Making the invisible, visible.

Studio Kumau is a Hawaii-based "creativity laboratory" as well as real life production studio for music and arts, where Richard Russell continues his work—helping people reflect on, document and celebrate what they've done or are doing, or helping people envision their future, or both. Often some sort of media is produced…but it depends upon the situation.

Richard has been producing creative results for clients for more than twenty years. Studio Kumau is in fact a metamorphosis of Beach Studio in Seattle, Washington, where Richard ran his communications consulting practice since 1984, and where he became known for his strategic visioning and graphic facilitation work, often doing what he calls "cave-painting for organizations," sometimes drawing on the walls during meetings. At Studio Kumau he continues to create the kind of graphic murals and organizational reflections mentioned above. Examples can be seen in the Portfolio Gallery.

Since his early twenties, Richard has also been an active musician and composer, and over the years has published five+ albums of original Americana as well as produced and facilitated many other people's music. At Studio Kumau he can (practice and) record music—ranging from old Hawaiian traditionals to new original jazz—with excellent fidelity, easily sufficient for commercial production if so desired.

Set on a beautiful mountainside on Hawaii Island, Studio Kumau is a well-equipped media laboratory connected to a talented network of artists, who utilize a wide array of creative production tools to make the most effective use of their mediums, whatever they may be. In our various "past lives," we have made feature-length documentary films on DVD, crafted message videos for network broadcast, produced marketing shorts and designed web sites, produced music soundtrack CDs and cover artwork as well as a host of other products, depending on what our clients asked us for. We generally create a specific team for each project, in order to make the very best use of the available resources.

We are storytellers at heart, with modern tools. The creative process is
our world, and our work speaks best for itself. Please see the Gallery section
for a few highlights, where you'll find some of Richard's graphic work,
as well as some of our other artist friends' work for your enjoyment.
Thanks for visiting the site, and please check back.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society which honors the servant
and has forgotten the gift."   —Albert Einstein

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