R I C H A R D     R U S S E L L

Richard Russell is a storyteller, artist, musician, media producer and teacher, who uses a full range of tools to communicate both simple and complex messages clearly. Richard believes that storytelling is our fundamental “root” craft, around which all the other creative arts play. He has rarely metaphor he didn't like, and finds that the world is full of stories we haven’t heard yet.

A college graduate, with additional training with the Grove Consultants International (pioneers in the use of graphic language in business situations), Richard has worked as a consultant in support of a wide variety of group processes, and he has played every role in the project development process. His experience ranges from computer programming to improvisational drama to executive producer. His consulting specialities include values clarification, strategic visioning, team building, project planning, green design, and media production. He has produced everything from documentaries to programs of original music and video as well as many murals and conceptual designs to help people communicate their chosen messages.

Aside from his career as a consultant, Richard made a living painting with oils on canvas for a number of years. You can see some of his art work in the Gallery.

For some time now, Richard has created original music under the name of Ricardo, and you can find his music at www.seattlesecretmusic.net

For more information, please e-mail Richard.

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