G A R     B E N E D I C K

Gar works in Web Site Design and Electronic, Interactive and Multimedia Presentations and Productions for Entertainment, Education and Business. He is foremost a producer and a designer with talents that include; design, coordination, directing (talent, photography, graphics, audio and video), editing and producing.

During his 20+ years in multi-image/multi-media, he has worked on almost every phase of production. Gar designed and/or produced slide shows ranging from simple single projector shows to large multimedia shows. This has included using multiple computers with synchronizing lasers, pyrotechnics, lighting controls, slide, film and video projection and other auxiliaries. He has also programmed shows, designed by others, as large as 144 projectors using seven computers on a 360 degree screen.

His work has been primarily in the area of corporate business communications doing PR, corporate image, product information, and marketing presentations. Gar also worked on, and is interested in, the areas of information, education and entertainment.

In the past six plus years, he has concentrated more on the electronic world of multimedia and how computers can be used as effective presentation tools. This has led him to explore ways of assisting companies moving into these new media, to capture their full impact and make their efforts remain affordable during the transition.

Gar works mostly in the Macintosh platform and is proficient in media and non-media Mac programs. Although he prefers the Mac, Gar is very familiar with DOS and Windows. He presently works primarily as an information designer for Web projects and other media presentations.
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