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“Making it real“

Closing in on the design. Clarifying actual priorities and objectives.
Conceptualizing, transforming, inventing, developing, discarding, refocusing, refining, cultivating, selecting. Doing the research. Moving toward specific solutions, transforming concepts into real possibilities. Selecting the best solutions. Working out specific ideas, encouraging practical choices. Arriving at one consensus after another.
Designing the whole project.

Visually documenting the project. Getting it all down in writing.
Tightening the specifications. Writing and re-writing the words.
Rehearsing, and integrating feedback. Choreography. Estimating costs,
creating spreadsheets, and refining time frames. Legalities. Arrangements. Deciding what to really do, what to fight for, what to promote, what to fund.

We aspire to move each project along in a way that produces
the very best work possible.

“What is needed is not the will to believe but the will to find out,
which is its exact opposite.”   —Bertrand Russell

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